Best Practices

Safeguarding Namibia’s Lucrative Livestock Sector

Namibia’s lucrative livestock sector is an important industry for the country as it remains a major source of income and livelihood within the broader agriculture economy, with the export of live a

Pest Risk Analysis Opens Up Export Opportunities

Through the STOSAR Project, the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) of Zambia has benefitted from various capacity-building initiatives such as Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) that equipped the

Database Design

The SADC AIMS is a web-based application that was developed to store data related to 12 different thematic areas namely Crops, Livestock, Aquaculture, Forestry, Agricultural Input, Animal/Plant Hea

Data Entry

The recently developed and implemented Agricultural Information Management System (AIMS) seeks to support the SADC Member States in data gathering, storage, processing, and analysis.

Data Harmonization

Currently all SADC Member States have agricultural information, however, they are all fragmented across different systems, and some of them in different formats.